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Zephaniah, The Book of

One of the books of the twelve Minor Prophets in the OT. The prophecies of Zephaniah span the reign of King Josiah of Judah (640–609 BCE) and convey God’s radical reaction to the idolatrous results of the reigns of Manasseh (697–642 BCE) and Amon (642–640 BCE).

Outline of Contents


I. Superscription (1.1)

II. Announcement of Universal judgment in the Day of the Lord (Zeph 1:2-2:4)

A. Judgment of the earth and of Judah and Jerusalem (Zeph 1:2-6)

B. The coming Day proclaimed (Zeph 1:7-13)

C. Description of the Day (Zeph 1:14-2:4)

III. Picture of the judgment (Zeph 2:5-3:8)

A. On foreign nations (Zeph 2:5-15)

1. Philistines (west) (Zeph 2:5-7)

2. Moab and Ammon (east) (Zeph 2:8-11)

3. Egypt (south) (Zeph 2:12)

4. Assyria (north) (Zeph 2:13-15)

B. On Jerusalem (Zeph 3:1-8)

IV. Promise of salvation (Zeph 3:9-20)

A. For the remnant of Judah and Jerusalem (Zeph 3:9-13)

B. The new people of Zion (Zeph 3:14-17)

C. For the exiles in Babylonia (deuteronomic addition)